Villa Cini (25)

Located in the heart of Tuscany, between Siena, Arezzo and Florence the panoramic Villa Cini is the ideal starting point to discover the beautiful Chianti region with its hills, quaint villages and the numerous wine cellars to visit. The space provides an intimate and welcoming environment where you can relax by the pool, take a stroll in the woods and have lunch in the beautiful garden. As Villa Cini is also the venue for the wedding, guests will be close to all of the festivities.

Villa Cini is comprised of two 5 bedroom houses, Villa Cini and Villa Casanova.  The villa includes a washing machine, dishwasher, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, microwave, and a large private swimming pool with gazebo and deck.

Room Assignments

Villa Casanova

  • Room 1: Shane Butler & Andrea Napoli
  • Room 2: Joey Krueger & Honey Krueger
  • Room 3: Mellania Safarian
  • Room 4: Lauren Gokbudak & Kara Farkas
  • Room 5: Kip Kaehler & Kaleigh Gregory

 Villa Cini

  • Room 1:  Ian Rollf & Tiffany Lueder
  • Room 2: Aaron Hussmann & Donielle Stevens
  • Room 3: Kyle Psilopoulos & Cameryn Brock
  • Room 4: Lee Williams, Courtney Jones, Andrea Renteria


Villa Cini, Località Villa Cini, 52021 Bucine AR, Italy

Coordinates: 43.443611, 11.638689

What’s Nearby

  • The Wedding Venue at Villa Cini: 0km/0mi (you are here!) 
  • Palazzo Vanneschi: 0.75km/0.5mi (10 minute walk)
  • Fatorria Casabianca: 6km/3.5mi (8 minute drive)
  • Bucine: 6km/3.5mi (8 minute drive)
  • Arezzo: 28km/17mi (30 minute drive)
  • Siena: 29km/18mi (30 minute drive)
  • Montipulciano: 60km/37mi (50min drive)
  • Florence: 60km/37mi (1hr drive)

Villa Cini Gallery